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Re: Japanese Translation


The software translation is all about the 'translate' module within i18n.redhat.com:/usr/local/CVS repository. You can run the following command to checkout this module to have a look at the whole content of the Fedora software translation.

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous elvis redhat com:/usr/local/CVS co -P translate

The translation status page for Fedora software project is currently under construction, however you can have a look at the following link (created temporarily by one of our community contributor) for the latest status:


But in order to avoid any possible file conflicts, if you are interested in contributing your translation to any of these files, please declare it in this mailing list (before the language-specific communication channel being created).

Thanks for your effort towards Fedora Project!


Tadashi Jokagi wrote:


What thing is software translation?
is, is it ls-bash etc.?
For example, ls, bash, and anaconda binary?

Noriko Mizumoto's "Re: Japanese Translation" wrote:


In Japan, Fedora JP Project started up and
activity is begun.

There are about 20 staff with an activity.

First, we are beginning to translate the document.

Web <fedora.redhat.com>
Developer's Guide and Doucumentation guide.
software po etc.

Hello, thank you for your contribution.
Since we are still seeking for the most maintainable ways to translate
please concentrate on the software translation.

To avoid any conflicts, every translator is encouraged to declair the
module which you will translate before start.

Now, when Red Hat Linux was released, Japanese Documents were translated in Australia.

This time, does the schedule exist?

No, there is no set procedure.



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