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Re: mistake entity (was: filename)

On Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 02:22:16PM +0900, Tadashi Jokagi wrote:
> Hi,
> Tammy Fox's "Re: mistake entity (was: filename)" wrote:
> >Are you proposing this for the website or CVS?
> It is website.
> As for PHP, CVS is also the same.
> However, if the optimal, I think that now is still sufficient as CVS.

For the website, we will probably go with a fedora.redhat.com/<lang>/
or <lang>.fedora.redhat.com so the translated versions can be divided
into separate virtual servers.

For CVS, the translation team has already started to create the
structure using a po/ subdirectory in each directory that contains a
document. The Makefile will allow you to generate translatable po
files from the source DocBook XML files, translate the translated po
files back into translated DocBook XML files, and generate HTML
output. They are also writing a document about the process.


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