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Re: Software translation steps

Hi all,

On Fri, 2003-12-05 at 01:48, Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please let me remind the steps for software translation.

> - Declair the po file_name which you are going to start at this ML, so
> that other translators would not touch.

Do we have to do that? This could be a mess if I miss a message for some
reason, and lot of traffic in which most of the members of the list will
no be interested.
Moreover Fedora's Translation Project web page states:

"The place to discuss the translation of software is fedora-devel-list.
The place to discuss the translation of documentation is

Is this the right list to post such notes about software translation?
Couldn't we create a i18n specific list?
And wouldn't it be better to create language translation teams so each
team can organize themselves and make sure no double efforts are made? 

>    "eg, I will start the file, translate/anaconda/anaconda-po/ja.po.
> Pls let me know if someone already is working on."
> - Commit the file. $cvs commit -m '<your message>' file_name.po
> - Advise your completion at this ML.
> Note;
> You have to checkout just before starting translation, the files have
> been kept updating.
> Please commit the file frequently even if you still are working on it,
> especially for larger file.
> (eg, cvs commit -m 'translating...' file_name.po)
> Because engineer may touch the file and commit while you are working,
> and then you will have conflict.

I am no expert but, aren't there tools to do this? like intltool‐merge,
intltool-update, etc?


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