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Re: Conglomerate

On Wed, 2003-12-24 at 01:45, Colin Charles wrote:
> Hello all,
> Conglomerate[1] just got "stable", and I'm sure RPM's will flow in soon
> (if they're not already there). How can we use this tool to integrate
> into the Fedora Docs Project, for folk that do not want to use Emacs?

For most of it, you would expect it to just work.  Emacs+PSGML doesn't
variate from the standard as set by the DTD.  If Conglomerate holds true
to its promise of doing the same thing, it should (mostly) Just

However ... you saw the (mostly) above ... there are going to be some
catches.  Here is one I suspect off-hand, without yet testing:

* If you are working with separate .xml files for e.g. <chapter> or
<section> groupings (which is common when splitting work amongst a team,
for easier management, modularity, content reuse, etc.), there may be
differences in the indentation.  We would want to make certain that
indentation was handled the same in Emacs and Conglomerate, and
Conglomerate would have to adhere to whatever standard was set by
Emacs+PSGML /while using/ the standard Fedora docs project Doc Guide.  

Ultimately, we will need to test for compatibility as we proceed, and
Conglomerate users will have to share any tweaks that makes the output
XML match the Emacs+PSGML standard.

Just run s/Conglomerate/{vi,joe,ed,youreditor}/ against the previous
paragraph for other editors. ;-)

- Karsten
Karsten Wade   :      Tech Writer, RHCE     :  o: +1.831.466.9664
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