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Re: Documentation project status

At 23:02 28/12/2003, Edward C. Bailey wrote:

However, the next logical step is when things start to run off the tracks.
What's the most natural thing to do with an existing document when the
software described in that document changes?  That's right -- modify the
document to reflect the changes made to the software.

And at *that* point we're *definitely* talking about "substantive
modifications", so we're into prohibited territory.

Bottom line -- The Red Hat Linux is not part of the Fedora project, so the
only way to move forward wrt Fedora Core documentation is to concentrate on
the creation of new content...

What a bloody waste. Are the Redhat people such a bunch of **** that they wont allow re-use, not even when moderated by their own staff?

Can someone inside redhat raise this please?
  It *was* redhat that gave birth to Fedora.

regards DaveP

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