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Re: Documentation project status

Yes, it seems there is much confusion about this. After reading many of the comments after my original post, and the lack of a significant roadmap for this project, I fail to see the purpose of a Fedora documentation project. "Tutorial style articles" instead of significant documentation will drive away newcomers faster than anything. Let's look at a couple other major distros, Debian and Mandrake. They have an enormous amount of installation, configuration, and administration docs for their releases. What's Fedora have? Much of RH9 documentation is applicable, so should there be a notice on the documentation project site for people to use those documents? I don't know, I thought I was be myself here, but it looks like many other have the same concerns.


Tom Diehl wrote:

On Sun, 28 Dec 2003, Edward C. Bailey wrote:

Bottom line -- The Red Hat Linux is not part of the Fedora project, so the
only way to move forward wrt Fedora Core documentation is to concentrate on
the creation of new content...

Is there any chance of getting a public explanation as to why Red Hat will not allow the RHL 9 docs to be used as a starting point. Assuming s/Red Hat/fedora?? Yes, I know there is art work also but that could also be substituted also.

I mean if there had been a RHL 10 would not that have been the docs for it modulo
the differences??

It is not like RHL 9 anything represents large quantities of long term income
for Red Hat. Especially given that April is only 4 months away.


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