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Re: Documentation project status

At 16:32 29/12/2003, Edward C. Bailey wrote:

The documentation produced by Red Hat for Red Hat Linux is a different
story.  The intent was never to make the documentation open source --
you'll note that the SGML files (or the LaTeX files for the earlier
releases) used to create the manuals are not made available.  The original
thinking was that the documentation was (to use corporate-speak) a

And that was that.  To be honest, we didn't give the matter all that much
thought -- we figured that copyright would be sufficient.

Please tell your bosses I think they are a bunch of merchant bankers.

If that's what they want from Fedora, then up their respectives.

I'm Disgusted.
Is this what they expected for Fedora?
'open source' but get your own documentation?

I guess slashdot is a good market for such a message Edward?

Give the 'managers' (they want sacking) the press they deserve?

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