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Re: Documentation project status

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Gonzalez <dgonzo optonline net> writes:

Daniel> Sorry for intruding, but I'm a newcomer to this list and was
Daniel> reading the thread regarding Red Hat documentation and it not being
Daniel> open source. It seems that there is a "publisher's edition" of Red
Daniel> Hat docs that are being used right now... Could anyone here explain
Daniel> what is the difference between the official Red Hat docs and this
Daniel> publisher edition?
Daniel> http://linuxcentral.com/catalog/?prod_code=B000-352&id=C1C0aAmWPDXCs

There are two components to the product you're seeing on that page:

    o A book written by two people unconnected with Red Hat

    o A two-CD "publisher's edition" of the Fedora Core 1 operating system
      (built from the full FC1 edition by the Red Hat developers)

The book is not related to the documentation I've been discussing on the
list in any way (other than they both discuss the use of a Linux operating
system).  The two-CD set is related to the documentation being discussed
here only in that prior versions of the software was known as Red Hat
Linux, which is what the documentation was written to, uh, document. :-)

Daniel> If I'm speaking out of my arse, please let me know

Well, from here I can't tell if your backside was involved in this
discussion, but it was a valid question... :-)

Ed Bailey        Red Hat, Inc.          http://www.redhat.com/

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