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Re: Documentation project status


Thanks for the explanation. I don't have any experience writing documentation specific to Linux distributions, but I do write a lot of documentation for my job as an engineer in the phone/cable company. I want to volunteer my services in any way I can to the documentation project. So I'm posting this offer to the list in case anyone has any documentation that he/she may want proof-read. I installed Fedora Core 1 a couple of weeks ago, so I can physically work through any tutorials that will get submitted. BTW, I haven't touched a Red Hat distro since 6.0 and when the Fedora install was completed, I was amazed. It's come such a long way in such a short period of time.

Anyway, hope I can assist

Dan Gonzalez

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003 17:04:06 -0500
"Edward C. Bailey" <ed redhat com> wrote:

> >>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Gonzalez <dgonzo optonline net> writes:
> Daniel> Sorry for intruding, but I'm a newcomer to this list and was
> Daniel> reading the thread regarding Red Hat documentation and it not being
> Daniel> open source. It seems that there is a "publisher's edition" of Red
> Daniel> Hat docs that are being used right now... Could anyone here explain
> Daniel> what is the difference between the official Red Hat docs and this
> Daniel> publisher edition?
> Daniel> http://linuxcentral.com/catalog/?prod_code=B000-352&id=C1C0aAmWPDXCs
> There are two components to the product you're seeing on that page:
>     o A book written by two people unconnected with Red Hat
>     o A two-CD "publisher's edition" of the Fedora Core 1 operating system
>       (built from the full FC1 edition by the Red Hat developers)
> The book is not related to the documentation I've been discussing on the
> list in any way (other than they both discuss the use of a Linux operating
> system).  The two-CD set is related to the documentation being discussed
> here only in that prior versions of the software was known as Red Hat
> Linux, which is what the documentation was written to, uh, document. :-)
> Daniel> If I'm speaking out of my arse, please let me know
> Well, from here I can't tell if your backside was involved in this
> discussion, but it was a valid question... :-)
>                             Ed
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