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Re: Documentation project status

Luiz Rocha wrote:

And being a RHEL R&D platform means to me that Fedora can, with caution, be used in production enviroment. Something that would also benefit with the avaliability of a good doc base.

Off the bat I'd like to say that I think good docs are a great idea. Fedora needs good docs. That goes without saying.

On another note...

I'll quote Red Hat staff here, "Fedora is not a production environment!" Maybe not exact but close enough.

What I've expressed were views repeated of what I've heard from or read from Red Hat corp/staff. Fedora is an R&D platform. R&D means not stable (ask anyone with experience in an R&D division). You can disagree, and that's fine, but the facts are the facts.

When asked which Linux distro to use by my company's clients, we say RHEL. It's stable, supported, and production quality.

To repeat, if you want a stable production quality Linux then use RHEL.

Other than RHEL, the only other production quality (server) Linuxes are Novell/Suse and Debian (Stable).

If you doubt me, then ask one of the RH people to chime in. If they say that Fedora is a stable platform that is "suitable for production use" then I'll stand corrected. I have no problems with that.

From the web:
1.) http://fedora.redhat.com/about/rhel.html
The Fedora Project Users == Early adopters, enthusiasts, developers
Red Hat Enterprise Linux == Mainstream production environments

2.) http://interviews.slashdot.org/interviews/03/11/21/1420242.shtml?tid=106&tid=110&tid=126&tid=163&tid=185&tid=187

Matthew Szulik said, "We hope that consumer-focused technologies will thrive and mature in the Fedora Project setting. When the code is production quality, Red Hat will make them available as part of a supported distribution."

Note the "when the code is production quality..." statement.

Sorry to keep this alive,

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