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Re: Anaconda documents

Alexander Rau (work) wrote:

Here are my suggestions for a Table of Contents (TOC)

Just a brain storm and working copy:

1. Introduction

very nice and comprehensive TOC - good stuff.

i just thought to myself ....
what is it that most people want to do when customizing redhat/fedora/anaconda?

these are some things i came up with that could maybe somehow be incorporated into the doc ...

* creating a single cd from the 3 cd set with a cutdown version of packages and comps.xml and a kickstart file to automate the whole install

* remove/replace all occurences of the words redhat/fedora from the anaconda install process (text and graphical) with their own custom text, logos, etc...

* replace original redhat/fedora rpm packages with updated rpm packages (security updates or whatever) and reburn the cds so that they can have a version of RedHat 9 - six months after its release - with all security updates applied (and other packages updated)

* add functionality to anaconda that didn't previously exist - eg. adding a new filesystem support, adding support for a new NIC, etc. (this one is more technical and would be rather difficult to incorporate into a generic anaconda doc.) (infact forget about this last one for inclusion ...)

well they are my ideas thrown into the pile - lets go!


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