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Re: I'd like to volunteer please... :-)

On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Paul W. Frields wrote:

> I do think that what you'll find is that with any well-written
> documentation, making any salient points about a fairly complex subject
> requires some groundwork...

Agreed, I want to write something that users of Fedora will both benefit
and learn from, not just read to achieve a set of objectives.

> other hand, the tutorial format is task-oriented. I think it's a bit of
> a balancing act

I have a feeling that this may just depend on the exact subject you set
for an individual tutorial. Something explaining the security implications
of installation options has a lot more scope for explaining principles
than say a document covering how to install/configure sudo.

I think however that by approaching security from installation, first
boot, up2date the documents will remain focused on Fedora and not on
issues that may be seen as too general.

Should I suggest a starting point of writing docs for "Keeping your Fedora
installation patched" and an introduction to Fedora-security? These sound
like managable sized peices of security related documentation from which
the rest of our ideas can follow.



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