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Re: docs translation

> Separate modules per language is better so everyone doesn't have to
> check out all the languages. The bigger the docs get, the more
> diskspace this is going to take.

  Something like fedora-docs and fedora-docs-pt_BR then ? (I saw your other 

  I think it is okay. Could we keep only PO files in the fedora-docs-<lang> 
modules? I mean, to avoid having duplicated stylesheets and css and all in 
different modules.

  There is another advantage. If head translators gain -maybe, in the future- 
CVS commit access, they would only work inside their language module, which 
would avoid some trouble.

> No. It is not necessary, but our internal RH translators have
> translated using both methods and feel that using PO files is a
> superior method. XML to PO to XML has some advantages such as not
> marking computeroutputs as text to be translated since it is direct
> output from a configuration file or source code. Another advantage is
> that it marks content as fuzzy, which helps if someone just changes a
> few words in the master verson. I'm sure Paul or Sarah could expand on
> the benefits.

  Yes, well, I was looking some PO files today and doing some thinking, and I 
guess the XML to PO to XML would be actually better.

> Our RHEL docs are very long, and it works for them.

  It should work for us too. Is just that I like XML and never worked with PO 
files, so rejection was a natural instinct.

  And as Rodrigo pointed out, would be nice to post here or in the website 
which tools you guys use for this, so we could use the same ones.

> I like Karsten's suggestions of having commit messages go to this list
> and maybe a different list if the traffic gets annoying. Ed's idea to
> not show the diff is a good one as well. If we use a different CVS
> server than the current one we are using, we could change the syncmail
> script. If we share with devel, I don't think they are going to want
> that. Of course, I can also setup a separate CVSROOT for us on the
> same server and use a different syncmail.

  I like'em both too. I like to see diffs, but a nice log would suffice while 
keep the traffic under control.

  Oh, and there is another thing I'd like to ask you and the others. In the 
apache-docs project, they ask for every translation to have a revision by 
another fluent (or native) speaker of the given language. While this avoids 
mistakes and increases the quality of the docs, it tends to slow down the 
translation process.

  I think it would be nice to ask for revisions but not make it mandatory. 
What do you guys think about it?

Luiz Rocha <lsdr lsdr net>

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