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Re: docs etc all gpl?

> css: GPL (already says GPL on the top)
> Makefile: GPL (just added license and copyright info to top of files)
> xsl: GPL (already says GPL on the top)
> stylesheet images (adminition graphics): only distributable with RH
> and Fedora docs since they are the same ones used in the RHEL docs,
> long term, we should created ones for Fedora that are GPLed. I added a
> LICENSE file in the stylesheet-images directory describing how they
> can be used (with RH or Fedora docs).
> Does that cover everything in question?
> > Also I would like to conttribute to the docs project too.
> >
> Great! Are there any topics you are interested in writing about?
> Tammy

That just about covers everything. I will need to make my adminitions then.

What topics do we have on offer? I do like grsecurity, but does it have to
be a redhat topic? What about something in the lines of gentoo documention,
i.e. docs on setting up various things, not pure redhat? I am doing one now
on squid with squidguard, swatch, grsecurity and iptables, but the iptables
bit is just the script taken from the Redhat guide for firewalls book by
Bill McCarthy, with my bit thrown in.



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