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Re: Re[2]: docs etc all gpl?

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 08:16:27PM +0100, Gavin Henry wrote:
> > Tammy, et.al.
> >
> > I am in the process of converting all of the XFree86 documentation to
> DocBook.  One of the things
> > that I have been asked to provide is a StyleGuide very similar to the
> documentation guide that is
> > now part of the Fedora project.  I would like to use much of the Fedora
> Documentation Guide that
> > describes the tag usage in the XFree86 StyleGuide.
> I think it is a brilliant guide. I had never done any xml beofre, but have
> been reading about it and sgml for around 2 months. So many different
> sources of info. Started following that guide and using emacs for it since
> Monday. I feel in love with xml today. :-)

Thanks. I started the guide about 3 years ago to help writers in the
RH docs group. I'm glad I have been able to share it via the Fedora
Project. There are so many sources of info about DocBook, that it can
be overwhelming for a beginner. The focus of this guide is to teach
you how to use DocBook quickly without having to learn the details of
how it works. After you become familiar with it, you can read the more
in-depth DocBook docs if you are interested. Most people just need to
know enough to be able to do the actual task at hand -- the writing


> Regards,
> Gavin Henry.
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> http://www.suretecsystems.com
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