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Re: Greetings

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 09:03:22PM -0400, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> I am an RHCE/RHCX and interested in working with the Docs project... I
> am open to assignments and suggestions, but I was thinking about
> starting with pieces such as updfstab, and possibly moving on to an
> updated and more officially-sanctioned revision of the Redhat-CD-HOWTO.
> Do these sound good to you, Tammy? Or anyone?

Sure. Since we don't have very many existing Fedora docs, anything on
topic is fair game. 

I think we should start making a list of topics and volunteers on the
website. So, if you "officially" want to volunteer for a topic, email
me via this list, and I'll add you to the list of writers.

We also need editors, so if you want to volunteer for that, I'm
starting that list as well.

In general, it is best to write about topics that you understand and
that interest you.

I have been working on the "tools" -- Makefiles, xsl stylesheets, css
files, etc. But, if anyone wants to contribute patches to them, please
feel free.

> I am not an Emacs person but I am comfortable writing XML longhand. Any
> suggestions there?

I don't want to force Emacs on you, but I would encourage you to give
it a try just for the psgml mode. The Documentation Guide explains
some of the benefits including giving you a valid list of tags at a
given location, tag completion, properly indentation, and
justification. If everyone uses the same tools, it is easier for
everyone to work on them.

If you just don't like it, maybe someone else can suggest a different
editor that will assist you at least a little more than a plain text

> Anyway, I'm excited about being able to contribute to a project whose
> predecessor product I've been using for about 6+ years. Hope I can be of
> service to someone... just let me know how I should get started. Do we
> have a kickoff date, or a timeline?

The only issue really holding us back is the lack of a CVS repository
that everyone can write to. Unfortunately, that is up to the new
steering committee AFAIK. For now, people can send me the files and I
can commit them to CVS for everyone else to see. I know that is not
great or even good, but that is all we have for now. If I find out
anymore about the progress of the CVS repository, I'll let you know.

> Sorry, too many questions for one message. Cheers, everyone.

No problem. Glad to know there are people out there who want to write
docs. ;-)

> -- 
> Paul W. Frields <paul frields com>


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