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Re: Greetings

On Wed, 1 Oct 2003, Tammy Fox wrote:

> > I am not an Emacs person but I am comfortable writing XML longhand. Any
> > suggestions there?
> > 
> I don't want to force Emacs on you, but I would encourage you to give
> it a try just for the psgml mode. The Documentation Guide explains
> some of the benefits including giving you a valid list of tags at a
> given location, tag completion, properly indentation, and
> justification. If everyone uses the same tools, it is easier for
> everyone to work on them.
> If you just don't like it, maybe someone else can suggest a different
> editor that will assist you at least a little more than a plain text
> editor.

I've tried psgml before but never managed to force myself to get used to
Emacs brain-deadness ;-). Instead, I use Vim for XML. There are some modes
you can download for it which give you a lot of basic features (including
all of the above), or it's fairly easy to add your own support for
auto-closing tags and tag folding (which is about all I want in terms of
XML-specific support). I've also seen a fair number of people doing XML in
Kate, if you want something GUI and gvim's not your thing....


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