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Re: background stuff

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 02:50:56AM -0300, Luiz Rocha wrote:
>   Tammy, you said you're working with Makefiles, stylesheets and all the 
> "background stuff" for docs, right?
>   May I ask exactly what you're doing and how may I help you?

The biggest priority is getting xmlto to produce PDFs. Even with valid
DocBook XML, I can't get a PDF to generate for the Documentation or
the Developer's Guides. I have been commenting out sections to see
where the problems are, and so far I have found a few
workarounds. But, ideally we want it to work for valid DocBook XML. We
also want it to work without having to install additional packages on
top of Fedora Core. So, something like using some of the Java
solutions out there is out unless it is the last option.

>   For the next few months I'll have a lot of free time and I might be able to 
> help you out with your stuff too. It will also help me to gain full knowledge 
> of the docs-making process and even start a translation for one of the 
> current avaliable guides.

Great. Sounds good.

> -- 
> Luiz Rocha <lsdr lsdr net>


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