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Re: background stuff

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 01:35:28PM -0400, Tammy Fox wrote:

> The biggest priority is getting xmlto to produce PDFs. Even with
> valid DocBook XML, I can't get a PDF to generate for the
> Documentation or the Developer's Guides. I have been commenting out
> sections to see where the problems are, and so far I have found a
> few workarounds. But, ideally we want it to work for valid DocBook
> XML. We also want it to work without having to install additional
> packages on top of Fedora Core. So, something like using some of the
> Java solutions out there is out unless it is the last option.

I already know about the <ulink url="...&amp;..."> problem -- are
there more problems then?

(No progress on that by the way.  Needs a TeX hacker, or a tool
written in a different language.)


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