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Re: background stuff

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 09:42:56PM +0100, Tim Waugh wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 01:35:28PM -0400, Tammy Fox wrote:
> > The biggest priority is getting xmlto to produce PDFs. Even with
> > valid DocBook XML, I can't get a PDF to generate for the
> > Documentation or the Developer's Guides. I have been commenting out
> > sections to see where the problems are, and so far I have found a
> > few workarounds. But, ideally we want it to work for valid DocBook
> > XML. We also want it to work without having to install additional
> > packages on top of Fedora Core. So, something like using some of the
> > Java solutions out there is out unless it is the last option.
> I already know about the <ulink url="...&amp;..."> problem -- are
> there more problems then?

Yes. I tried this about a month and a half ago, so I don't remember
the specifics. Certain table attributes seemed to make it stop and if
I had:


I had to change it to:


I can't remember if that was because it gave it too much space or
because it stopped at that point when making the PDF.

I'll go through my log files this weekend and try to give you more

If you have time, you can check out the fedora-docs module and run
make pdf in the developer-guide or documentation-guide directory and
see the error messages. Maybe they mean more to you than me.


> (No progress on that by the way.  Needs a TeX hacker, or a tool
> written in a different language.)
> Tim.
> */

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