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DTD parsing help for non-Emacs guy

I grabbed the CVS of fedora-docs and just to see what Emacs/PSGML is/are
all about, I am following Tammy's instructions in the Doc Guide. (I am
using XEmacs under Fedora 0.94.) I decided to start simply by goofing
around with the copy of the documentation-guide already present. In
short, I can't get the DTD parsed; I get the error:

/usr/share/sgml/docbook/sgml-dtd-4.1-1.0-22.1/docbook.dtd line 63 col 47
entity book
/home/paul/fedora-docs/documentation-guide/documentation-guide.xml line
28 col 1 
XML requires a system ID after a public ID

This was generated using Emacs/PSGML, I'm assuming, so I am at a loss as
to why this won't work... I thought briefly about going and looking up
the DocBook/XML markup standards, but that seems like overkill when the
answer is probably trivial. Can anyone slap me silly and explain what I
should be doing? This is my intro to both Emacs and DocBook/XML,
although I am familiar with writing HTML by hand... my work doesn't
require a lot of this sort of skill, so use wet noodles or a trout
please. Thanks in advance and sorry for the density.
Paul W. Frields <paul frields com>

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