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Re: German Translation

On Sat, 2003-10-25 at 09:53, Thomas Bludau wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry if this is a double posting. But in Fedora beta 3 release 0.95
> (Severn) i found a translation error in the Menu. Under System
> Configuration (Systemeinstellungen) i found "Drucke" instead of
> "Drucken" or "Drucker" (print, printer)
> Where can i told this failsure? in bugzilla.redhat.com?

The following is just my thinking/opinion.  I expect that I'm slightly
wrong and will need to be corrected. :)

The correct location would be in bugzilla, against Fedora Core Test 3. 
The "Component" that seems most obvious to me is "redhat-menus".  I
don't see any component that seems related to translation in particular.

If the developer who receives the bug report thinks it belongs somewhere
else, he'll bounce the bug to the correct component/person.

Note that this is different from the process for reporting an error in
documentation (actual manuals and guides).  Those are also filed in
bugzilla, but each guide will have it's own unique component ID.  For
example, the Red Hat Linux 9 Installation Guide has the unique ID


Presumably we will follow a similar system, so that the Fedora Core
Installation Guide would have a unique ID of e.g. fc-ig-x86.

HTH, sorry for the long-winded response. :)

- Karsten
> Best Regards
> Thomas Bludau
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