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Re: Convert XML to HTML-one-file

On Sun, 2003-10-26 at 04:12, christian huegel redhatforum net wrote:
> Hi,
> my problem is i can not produce html files in an printable format. 
> The \"make html\" command works well, admonitions are shown etc.
> For PDF output the admonitions doesn`t work so i cant use it.
> How can i do this? Is there an HOWTO to make an html-one-file with the apropiate stylesheet for the Fedora Doc Project?

Off-hand, I don't know for certain, but it's possible that this is
broken in the Fedora Project docs.  I recall that Tammy was having some
problems with PDF output.  I'll take a look at the scripts later on.

Which module are you trying to build?  Just the Documentation Guide?

- Karsten

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