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Re: Re: Convert XML to HTML-one-file

>Off-hand, I don\'t know for certain, but it\'s possible that this is
>broken in the Fedora Project docs.  I recall that Tammy was having some
>problems with PDF output.  I\'ll take a look at the scripts later on.

>Which module are you trying to build?  Just the Documentation Guide?

>- Karsten

Hi Karsten,

well i tried to build the Documentation Guide from the CVS, exactly the example tutorial to test ist out before translating some docs. Many people asked me if i can´t provide printable docs and now im stucked...
As i said everything worked fine till converting XML to PDF cause the admonition aren´t shown.
I tried to run the xmlto script with the option -x main-html.xsl html-nochunks 
But it didn`t worked. Except without giving the option -x which defines the official stylesheet for Fedora documentations. The output was one html file whith black sections instead of red and without admonitions....

Best regards


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