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Re: Legal Notice in German

On Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 07:44:59AM -0500, Edward C. Bailey wrote:
> >>>>> "christian" == christian huegel <christian huegel redhatforum net> writes:
> christian> Hi, i wanted to ask if there is an translation already aviable
> christian> for the legalnotice.html file before i start to translate
> christian> it..... 
> I'm not the Docs project leader (so I can't say for sure) but I don't think
> there is a German translation for it.

No. No one has submitted any translations of the Fedora docs yet.

> However, you should be aware that translating legal content is not the same
> as translating non-legal content.  From a legal standpoint, unless the
> translation has been done by someone with both the necessary language and
> legal skills, the translation has no legal status.  And this does not even
> address the fact that the legal aspects of the content may need to be
> changed to reflect the laws of the country or countries where the
> translated content will be read.
> In the past, we have take the approach that the original English legal
> content can be translated, but the following things must be done:
>     o A notice must precede the translated legal content stating that the
>       translation is for the readers' convenience only, and that only the
>       original English version has any legal standing
>     o The original English legal content must remain intact
> I will leave it to the Docs project leader to decide what is best to do
> here, but I wanted to make you aware of the issues surrounding the
> translation of legal content...
>                                 Ed

Ed's comments seem like a reasonable approach. I'll check with our
legal department to confirm.


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