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Re: Spanish Translation

Hi Andreu, 

I'm also from Spain, and I asked the same question some weeks ago. I
have no answer, but maybe what we should do is to identify some
interesting documents and see if they are translated to spanish, if they
are not then tell the documentation lider that we are going to start the

It would be nice if one of those liders could tell us about the


El vie, 31-10-2003 a las 09:26, Andreu Sanchez escribió:
> Hi,
> I'm new to the list so i must say "hi to the list members" first.
> I'm a system administrator  from spain, exactly from Catalunya, using
> redhat for the last 5 years and i would like to help translation fedora
> to spanish. I don't know if there's a project or any other person who
> started translating, so i would want to know where i have to start.
> Regards,

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