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more defined process

I still haven't finished reading the mailing list since I started my
maternity leave, so forgive me if this has already been discussed.

I am putting together a Quick Guide for this interested in learning how
to participate since I get emails daily asking. It also helps define the
life cycle of a tutorial.

Please share your thoughts about it.


--page begins--

Fedora Documentation Project Quick Start Guide

Since reading the Documentation Guide can be a bit overwhelming at
first, read this page first to understand how to start participating and
the process used to add a tutorial to the project.

The first step is to choose whether you want to be a writer or an
editor. Refer to the project page for each role's definition (which is
still being developed). Editors must first be approved by the project
leader and must have experience with DocBook XML and the proper use of
tags since all editors must follow the same guidelines when reviewing

If you are chosen as an editor, your name is added to the project page,
and your job is to wait until writers are finished writing the tutorials
and need editing.

If you choose to be a writer, the follow process must be used:

* Refer to bug 129807 to see the list of tutorials already in progress
to make sure you do not select a duplicate.

* If you have an idea that is not in the list of docs in progress, open
a Bugzilla report with your idea and be sure to make bug 129807 depend
on it. Also, email the mailing list to let everyone know you are working
on it. If you can't think of an idea, refer to 129784 for a list of
ideas without owners.

* If you are not familiar with DocBook XML, read the Documentation Guide
to learn how to use this format. Tutorials must be submitted in this
format. Even if you are familiar with it, read the guide to learn how
tags are used for the project and to learn how to setup your file to
make it compatible with the CVS structure and the common entities file.
Once your file is ready, attach it to the bug report you created so that
an editor can be assigned to it.

* The editor will review your tutorial according to the editing
guidelines (which are in progress) and work with you to get them

* Once the writer and editor feel it is ready to be published to the
website, make bug 129722 depend on this bug so the project maintainer
can review it and post it to the website.
Once it is posted to the website, you are still responsible for
maintaining your tutorial. Until write access is available for CVS,
submit updates to your tutorial in the form of patches via Bugzilla so
that they can be applied.

--page ends--

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