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Re: installation guide

On Fri, 2004-08-13 at 16:18, Karsten Wade wrote:
> Today had to tell someone on #fedora-docs that we don't have an
> Installation Guide, and just like many others, had to refer to RHL 9 IG
> and other resources.
> Are a couple of people interested in taking on this task?  It has some
> tedium to it, but it's not that bad.  Once completed, it will need
> regular updating, so it's a good, valuable, and stable long-term
> project.
> Anaconda has support for taking screenshots, iirc.  A format can be
> borrowed from existing guides, as a starting place.
> However ... this is a full guide, which requires more effort than a
> shorter tutorial.  Is it even worth it to throw this idea into the
> bucket at this stage?  If so, I'll file the bug and etc.  This should be
> an early one to be tackled, when we are ready.

Go ahead and open a bug for it since it needs to be done.

What about creating a TOC for it on the mailing list? Then you or I can
create empty files for it according to the TOC in CVS, and people can
volunteer to write sections that are broken out into files. No one has
to tackle the entire guide, and eventually it will be complete. One
person can even be in charge of just taking screenshots with the method
mentioned in the release notes. The RHEL IGs have been done this way in
th past -- different writers responsible for a set of files in the IG,
and it works great because you don't have to worry about working on the
same files or topics.

If we plan ahead, we can even make it expandable to multiple platforms.
We did a lot of work to make the same set of files compile for different
arches internally, so we might as well use that knowledge here as well.
I've even written it up already for the internal docs. I could rewrite
it for the Fedora docs without much effort.


> And, yes, I know it's been discussed before.  So, I bring it up again.
> - Karsten
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> Karsten Wade, RHCE, Tech Writer
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