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Re: more defined process

Dave Pawson wrote:
On Sun, 2004-08-15 at 00:38, Mark Johnson wrote:

Mark, I'd be more supportive of attribute based selection,
rather than conditional sections? Then filter based on stylesheet
parameters as Tammy suggested?

Yep, me too. Putting true conditional sections in a DTD customization layer would be a major PITA, and would require us to change the DocBook FPI.

Time to move to the XML method of attribute-based content selection. And, yes, the stylesheets are where all the filtering occurs.

Especially since the current DTD may well be the last for docbook?

Yes, but the proposed RELAX-NG design would allow one to easily generate DTDs (even customized ones) from the customized RELAX-NG schema. One difficulty there, though, is that the generated DTD will not be customizable, i.e. it won't contain any paramter entities.

A move to relax NG would make any development work here redundant?

Not sure I understand your question, Dave, but I suspect the answer is yes:)

Cheers, Mark -- ---------------------------------------------------------- Mark Johnson <mjohnson redhat com> Red Hat Documentation Group <http://www.redhat.com> Tel: 919.754.4151 Fax: 919.754.3708 GPG fp: DBEA FA3C C46A 70B5 F120 568B 89D5 4F61 C07D E242

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