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RE: Fundamentals

On Wed, 2004-08-25 at 04:24, D 7@k|N& wrote:

> Sorry.  Nature of the beast.  I manage a multiplatform environment at my
> work, so there are times when I need a similar multiplatform environment at
> home.  Just because of history, WinXP is my primary home environment.
Until a few weeks ago, win2k was mine.
I still manage to send plain text emails,
use emacs on win2k with psgml.
 It can be done, honest:-)

> You can do this if XML is beyond your means. But frankly, if you're
> comfortable writing HTML or using "styles" in your favorite word
> processor, Docbook XML is really not any harder. You have to write the
> tags, true, but there are tools to help. Read on for more....
> Don't have a problem with HTML, but I don't really use styles.  I use
> notepad (or vi) as much or more than Word (or Abiword).

If you are happy with vi, then vim has an xml plugin/extension whatever,
that users say is just as good as emacs for xml.

> I am way more interested in authoring, than in editing.  I'm not sure how
> much I have to contribute, but am definitely willing to contribute what I
> can.  
> <snip>
> Asking questions is always the right way to start. 

> Like I said...it's Charlie (or dataking if the upper/lower ASCII is a pain),
> and it's a different PGP key.  ;)
> P.S.  I'm CC'ing my linux address so I can see just how badly Outlook
> mangles these emails.  I've received too many *seemingly superficial*
> complaints not to know.  ;)

Hi Charlie.
I gave up on Outlook when it managed to screw up/lose my address book.
I actually bought Eudora, just to get a plain text email address book.

Good luck with the authoring.

Regards DaveP.
XSLT&Docbook  FAQ

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