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DocBook/Emacs/psgml Quickstart Guide: update

Hi All,

I'll re-post here the proposed timeline/outline for the DocBook/Emacs/psgml Quickstart Guide that I put into bugzilla.

Thanks to Tammy's helpful poking:), I've now proposed a timeline for the DocBook/Emacs/psgml Quickstart Guide. It's recorded in bugzilla:

But, to get the ideas into y'all's brains asap, I'll post my bugzilla entry here:

> From Tammy Fox <tfax.redhat.com>:
> Mark, can you provide an outline of this or a time frame?


Since I'm doing RedHat work this weekend, I'll do some fedora doc work next week.

How about I supply a draft outline (or doc) by Tuesday 8/30, collect
bugs/feedback, and supply a pseudo-complete outline by Friday, 9/03.

Then, provide a relatively complete document draft by Wednesday, 9/08, for everyone to critique.

From there, I would say, give me another week to submit a revised
document based on feedback, though I may be able to produce this
version sooner. In other words, I submit a usable/postable version by Wednesday, 9/15.

I then go on vacation from 9/18 - 9/25.

Sound reasonable? (I'm working on it as I type this, FWIW.)


You can also read the bugzilla report yourself:


To stick to this timeline, I'll need some quick turn-around editorial feedback. Hope we can get this out the door on schedule...

Mark Johnson                     <mjohnson redhat com>
OS Product Documentation Group
Engineering, Red Hat, Inc.       <http://www.redhat.com>
Tel: 919.754.4151                Fax: 919.754.3708
GPG fp: DBEA FA3C C46A 70B5 F120  568B 89D5 4F61 C07D E242

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