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current list of volunteers/topics

OK, so I said I would send this out tomorrow, but I finished it early.
Please respond as soon as possible with your status. If you do not
respond after a week, I will assign the topic to someone else.

Next week, I will also post this list to the website.


Anaconda docs http://rau.homedns.org/twiki/bin/view/Anaconda/WebHome

Also volunteered to write anaconda docs:
(maybe the 2 of you could help with the existing Anaconda docs project)
rahul sharma <rahul jecassam edu>
Paul Nasrat <pauln truemesh com>


Volunteered for topic(s):

fprimex <brent fprimex com>
Dual booting and grub/lilo configuration
Dual display configurations (xinerama or nvidia's twinview)
laptop specific configurations 
Setting up passwordless ssh between Linux/Mac OS X/Windows computers
Setting up/using a number of mathematics programs (R, Maple, Octave,
Installing custom style files and using LaTeX (teTeX)
Metworking (from a desktop users perspective)

Gary Travis Roberts <gtroberts gtroberts org> 
setting up a firewall
setting up networking both with a network card and through an ISP

Christian Huegel christian huegel redhatforum net
installation of a SSH server with public/private key authentication

Brian Hankins <bhankins micahtek com>
Configuring and using digital cameras

James Davis <jamesd jml net>
series of Securing Fedora tutorials
   for example, Security through installation and firstboot

Joost Soeterbroek <joost soeterbroek com>
Keeping Fedora updated with Yum

Mike MacCana <mikem cyber com au>
Web Serving (using Apache httpd) 
Mail Serving (using Postfix, Dovecot, and SpamAssassin)
File Serving (with VSFTPd / NFS /Samba)

Charles Curley <charlescurley charlescurley com>
Yum (already done, just needs to send to me)

Martin <nosp xades com>
How do I get all the latest stuff for Fedora using apt/yum?
just needs FDL to be able to put on Fedora website

Bruce Martin <bruce martin asp-networks co uk>
Wireless / PDA configs

Jeremy Heilman <jah44 po cwru edu>

Aaron M. Epps <Epps Aaron mayo edu>
How to setup a Samba Server (Cover Network Browsing, The new GUI config
tools, Interoperability w/Windows PC's, Firewall Config, etc...)    
some tutorials on all the new config tools 
config files/etc


Any topic:

Charles Brule <quackcd comcast net>
Craig Lang <craig deepbluegeek com>
Telmo Filipe Tavares da Silva <a17145 ualg pt>
Mike Sweeney <mikesweeney packetattack com>
Sean D. Matthews <matthewss2 UofS edu>
Stacy Pennington <truk mazzy com>
Ed Stoudenmire <estoude1 tampabay rr com>
Bob Bevill <rbevill wwol com>
Phil Labonte <phil_labonte sympatico ca>

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