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Re: Docbook setup

Hi All,

I also maintain a page of DocBook newbie links:


To take the pain out of setting up emacs/psgml for editing XML, emacs newbies might want to try my psgmlx package:


It was put together specifically to make emacs more user-friendly. Be sure to run the 'test' script when you untar it:-)

It provides special color-themes for editing XML, psgml, as well as a number of other related packages that provide modes for editing DTDs, XSL stylsheets, CSS stylsheets, and a few others. The full list is here:


Next week Karsten & I are going to start a psgmlx project at savannah (the GNU version of sourceforge), to help maintain and further develop it.


Dave Pawson wrote:
Some links that help on using docbook.

http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/hoenicka_markus/ntsgml.html Great for psgml on Windows.

More than enough for most.

Others: Using docbook etc.

http://nis-www.lanl.gov/~rosalia/mydocs/docbook-intro/docbook-intro.html Incomplete, very useful.
For markup; my reference is still;


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