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Re: Volunteer / Would like to participate

Le ven 28/05/2004 à 10:34, Marc Bruggeman a écrit :
> To the Fedora Documentation Project maintainer (Tammy Fox),
> I have been using and experimenting with Linux over the past 5 years.
> Mostly Red Hat distributions (from 6.0 onwards I have used them all,
> exept 8.0) but also tried out Debian, Mandrake and Slackware on several
> occasions.  As I am a telecomm professional my interest was more in how
> to set up the different protocols and configure the system(s) and try to
> figure out why things were/are done in such or such a way.

You'll have to precise what skills are needed for this type of job.
Is there any documentation to read before entering in this type of
What are the tools that will help the project.
Do these tools exist in the RPM Database ? :P

I want to build a documentation center based on documentations which are
easy to use and read, and easy to understand so I'm interested by this
project because, if you know how things are done, it's easier to explain
how they work.

Sorry for my horrible english.


Eddahbi Karim <installation_fault_association yahoo fr>

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