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Re: Installation Guide v 0.2


You should probably add the instructions to download
and burn a ISO or link to appropriate
documentation.Many users are unsure of which ISO's are
needed. Specifically make sure you explain to them
that   the images containing srpms are NOT required
and how many images and required for the basic
installation. It would very useful to include
instructions for burning a image from Windows also


The above seems to fit the needs well.

" Fedora Core does not support installation with

I suppose you mean floppy disks here. Make sure the
language is more explicit throughout the guide

"No changes are made to your computer until package
installation commences."

" The Fedora installation system has three elements"

Non native speakers would probably appreciate a more
basic form. replace commences with starts and elements
with parts of something similar. This applies for the
whole documentation

"Insert CD 1 into the CD or DVD drive."

The user has an option to download and use the DVD so
it should be something like "Insert the first CD/DVD
into the CD/DVD drive"

SELinux is likely to be transparent to the end users
but administrators who are new to the concept would
certainly want to learn better about it and it is NOT
transparent to them in all occasions. This is one of
the reasons why I wanted you to link to the selinux


"You can also launch the system administration tools
included in Fedora Core from any user account using
the root password."

This would be a more precise version. "It is
recommended that you use user system as a normal(non
root)user. Any system administration tools in the
graphical user interface would prompt for a root
password if its required"

Make sure you mention that the configuration stuff
that is setup using the "setup agent" is OPTIONAL.
This is one of the reasons why firstboot has been
split up from anaconda

"If you have to reconfigure the sound card later, you
can use the system-config-soundcard utility. This is
the menu item System Settings->Soundcard Detection."

make sure you mention the menu item first and follow
it by command line equivalents wherever appropriate.
we should be targetting end users who are comfortable
using the GUI better

I request you put up screenshots wherever applicable
atleast temporarily. It would help me associate the
content with the appropriate screens better.(just for
review purposes)

Rahul Sundaram

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