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Re: final decision (?!?) on <screen> et al (was Re: screenshot instructions)

On Thu, 2004-09-02 at 10:35, Dave Pawson wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-09-01 at 23:29, Karsten Wade wrote:
> > I also forgot about <screenshot> ... going to have to experiment with
> > that one. :)
> And don't forget 'programlisting' and literallayout;
> both have their uses, but the definitive guide has always been my guide.
> I have its icon on my desktop and a copy on my hard disk, in case
> I'm caught without a connection (sad or what)

Ha!  I keep a local copy as well, wouldn't hop a plane without it.

An addendum to this conversation, and then I think I'll have to submit a
patch for the Doc Guide based on this thread.

It is *allowed* to use inline tags inside a <screen/> block, and it's
usage should not necessarily be discouraged.  For general purposes, it's
enough to put content into <screen/> without further markup.  It meets
minimum correctness and accessibility, and provides a rich experience
for all the media we can publish to currently.  

What I just noticed during all this experimentation is that it is best
to keep the inline tags, well, inline:


That keeps extra whitespace from creeping in.  The example in our
Documentation Guide[1] has newlines that create whitespace.  Was that
done to make the gray box look better?  I don't think it's necessary,
tight boxes look fine.  If the box needs expanding, best to solve it in
the stylesheet.

- Karsten


Karsten Wade, RHCE, Tech Writer
a lemon is just a melon in disguise
gpg fingerprint: 2680 DBFD D968 3141 0115  5F1B D992 0E06 AD0E 0C41

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