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Re: Prioritising which document?

On Wed, 6 Apr 2005 10:14:30 +0100 (BST), "Gavin Henry"
<ghenry suretecsystems com> said:
> Dear all,
> I would like to start the ball rolling on which document we should all
> work together to get completed in order for the Docs Project to be a
> winner.

FWIW, the worst-case scenario (for me) is something like this: 

1) Interested Windows person gets a copy of Fedora Core from a magazine
cover disc (mainstream IT mags do put FC on their cover discs, here in
the UK).

2) They know nothing about Linux, and the magazine or other source gives
them no instructions beyond what we supply on the ISOs - just a URL to
our main site.

3) They can't install this Linux thing, or even screw up their system
with a failed dual-boot setup, decide that the whole thing's overhyped
and beyond their abilities, and give up.

I guess on that basis the key targets for FC4 would be a) quality
Release Notes on the Website and ISOs b) Website generally c) Install

Re: Install Guide:

Link (this build is slightly outdated):


The draft Install Guide looks fairly complete because almost all of the
pieces are complete, but we are blocking on the extremely
labour-intensive elements, e.g. if you look at the Anaconda partitioning
screen you'll see buttons for LVM, RAID, multiple partitioning across
multiple discs... perhaps several tutorial's worth of stuff.

IMHO the current structure makes it hard for us to get to a complete
initial release and then develop in stages because it's monolithic.  
The Enterprise document the ToC is derived from has sibling documents
that can be linked to, which helps define it's scope - it doesn't have
to cover everything.

So I'm inclined to think that the best thing to do is to reshape the
content as a more limited Guide, and handle "advanced" topics as

I'm writing in a hurry, but off the top of my head candidates for topics
to be handled as tutorials would then be:

- Network Logins
- Disk management (LVM, perhaps adding and cloning discs ?)
- Dual-boot (and co-existing with Windows on the same box ?)
- Configuring Network Servers
- Kickstart

Stuart Ellis

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