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Re: Prioritising which document?

On Wed, 2005-04-06 at 08:25 -0700, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> > There's surprisingly little visible change to
> > anaconda.  The internals
> > have been changed to use glade and so the widgets
> > etc. look different,
> > but I haven't yet seen anything in Test 1 that
> > requires changing the
> > text as is.
> So the current plan is to have a Installation guide
> covering the basics and targetting FC4?. Will it be
> ready before the final FC4 release is made?. If so we
> might choose to explicitly point to the FC4 version in
> the release notes

Um, yes, that's the plan.  There's been quite a bit of list traffic
about this in the recent past. :-)  BTW, why does your MUA keep dropping
thread information?  Most replies from you seem to begin a new thread
(at least in Evo), making conversations hard to grok later on... just

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