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Brutally Honest Self Introduction: Philip Johnson

Full legal name:
	Philip (Matthew) Johnson

City, Country:
	Manchester, United Kingdom

Profession or Student status:
To be honest, I don't have any sound qualifications as I've never really needed any - I'm a freelance new media designer and developer who tends to use LAMP across the board. In case anyones interested, I've worked for big household names in the UK such as House of Fraser (training presentations and other internal bits 'n' bobs) right down to teensy weeny folk bands such as The Oldham Tinkers (NB: I did /not/ design The Oldham Tinkers website in case anyone goes searching for it : o ) - Me no like myPHPNuke nor the design the website uses; I was employed a couple of times to fix things server and database side).

I've also done a fair amount of Mac administration and Linux administration (the latter more, a lot of the time it comes as part of deploying and maintaining sites). The designing and developing I've been doing for about 7 or 8 years now.

Company or School
I'm not going to be doing any of this Fedora Project work for either, but in case thats not what you meant, as I said before I'm a freelance new media designer and developer.

Your goals in the Fedora Project:
	(in order of priority)
		* The Hardware Compatibility Database (HCL), along with Doncho Gunchev
		* Help out with other documentation (release notes etc.)
		* Spread-the-word
		* Help out new users when (and if!) I have the time

Historical qualifications:
What other projects have you worked on in the past?

I'm still quite new when it comes to contributing to oss, as I haven't had the time in the past, but heres my extremely short list :)

* Mozilla.org Bug Hunting & Triaging
* Contributing (a little bit!) to the GNOME mailing list and the discussions that go on there
* ^ Same again but for the various Fedora mailing lists
* This isn't open source, but I developed applications in flash for the Pogo PDA/Phone which is now unfortunately no longer available (except on ebay! - and then the internet doesn't work)
* I've also contributed miniscule amounts of things in various other projects

What computer languages and other skills do you know?

* I'm attempting to learn python properly (i.e - at the moment my python knowledge is ****)
* Of course, HTML, PHP, Flash Actionscript etc. as goes with my job
* A bit of XML, I would have included this in the second bullet point but tbh my knowledge of XML isn't that great
* Other skills: bits 'n' bobs here there and everywhere, I've dabbled in practically everything (well thats a slight exaggeration, but seen as you lot probably share the same passion for computers as I do I'm sure you know what I mean :-D)

Why should we trust you?

* You shouldn't ;-) Like I said before I'm fairly new to contributing (I've just observed and posted ideas, nothing else) so you're going to have to give me a trial run and I'll have to bear in mind that you only get once chance at a first impression :-D. Also, you'll find that (well I hope so anyway) I'm generally a very friendly and considerate bloke ;).

Hope I've covered everything,
Philip Johnson (plasticmonkey gmail com)

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