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test2 release notes enshrined, CVS coming "sometime"

Thank you to all of you, especially Karsten, for getting the release notes
together for FC4test2!

We are definitely getting closer to having CVS access for you all. I
created a blank repository for Fedora docs just a minute ago. The key
issue right now that affects not only you guys but everyone in Fedora is
getting the new account system in place so we can get new contributors
access faster.

One thing I'd like to know now is how you'd like to receive CVS commit
mails for the docs repo. These mails are an important part of the open
development process because they keep individuals accountable for their
changes. :) Is there a mailing list in existence that should receive these
future e-mails? Do we need to set up a new one, and if so, who should
manage it?

-- Elliot

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