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PDF generation problem solved for me

I've been looking into using Apache FOP to render PDF's, instead of the
buggy-as-a-summer-night PassiveTeX.  While there is a FOP rewrite under
way, the latest public version has a show-stopper bug triggered by
DocBook projects larger than something trivial: the dreaded "duplicate
id" bug.

Riz Virk <Riz cambridgedocs com> kindly sent me a patch that appears to
eliminate the bug.  I tried it out on a ~300 page document I'm writing
and it rendered PDF just fine.  The patch is licensed under the Apache
license, so it should be OK for our use here.

The patch is attached.  

Just download the FOP source from
and then:

Replace the file "src/org/apache/fop/datatypes/IDReferences.java" with
the attached file.

Go back to the top-level FOP directory and type:

$ ant

You'll need to get "ant" and the "java-1.4.2-gcj-compat-"
packages from the "jpackage.org" YUM repository.  You'll also need the
"gcc-java" RPM.

If you don't want to go to this trouble, the 1.5MB "fop.jar" file is
at: http://www.megacoder.com/fop/fop.jar

This, plus the modified "xmlto" I did earlier may be good enough
until the FOP rewrite is complete (no date for that, though).


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