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Self Introduction : William Hoffmann

Hello everyboy

So here's my self introduction:

1/ My name is William HOFFMANN
2/ I'm living in Pantin (near Paris) in France. And I'm working in
Nanterre on the other side of Paris...
3/ I'm a training instructor, I'm teaching in the linux area.
4/ My compagny is Red Hat Inc,
5/ My goals in the fedora project :
	My first goal is to share my knowledge
	I'd like to write about network or mail systems ( Postfix ) and
	I'm currently working on a doc about securisation of mail system
	( postfix/ssl/tls/clamav/spamassin)
	My native language is french ... and I hope my english is good
	enough to be well understood.
6/ Historical qualifications :
	To learn docbook I've wrote some  "memo" in french see =>
	I've some skills in Linux / networking / system administration
7/ GPG KEYID and fingerprint :

pub  1024D/A2C85378 2004-09-30 William HOFFMANN (William)
<hoffmann redhat com>
 Empreinte de la clé = F5EC D418 5989 3D9A C7B8  565D 95EA 1BD9 A2C8
sub  2048g/484A92F6 2004-09-30


Anything else ? 

- William HOFFMANN               	+33 (0)1 41 91 23 21 -
- -		GLS Instructor RHCE RHCX      		  -  -
- - 	http://people.redhat.com/~hoffmann		  -  -
- Red Hat France                         GnuPG ID : A2C85378 -

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