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Re: getting started (false start 1 of ?)

Hi Gavin

> It first refers to 3 files I can get through yum (xmlto Ãââ
> > docbook-style-xsl Ãââ docbook-dtds) and then jumps into checking things
> > out of cvs.
> I don't believe you ;-) Do a yum search xmlto and yum search docbook. They
> are definiteley there.
You were right, they're already installed ( I thought i'd selected the docbook stuff at install), so why do I get 
# yum install xmlto
Nothing to do

This may seem silly, but I'm a bit believer in lessening the learning
curves steepness, so can you add the line

"Do 'yum search <file-name>' as root to see if you need to install any
of the files."

to: http://fedora.redhat.com/participate/documentation-guide/ch-getting-

> > 1. getting going with DocBook
> See above.
Well not quite, I still don't know what app to start and what to do with it...
Nor do I have any experience of using cvs, maybe you can recommend a
link and add it to that page as well?

> > 2. who to talk to to make the docs newbie friendly
> Us.
Hi there. Nice to meet you.

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