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Re: why o why


gaurav wrote:

Hi List,
I was wondering why this documentation submition process is overly complex...why don t we we use some wiki like tikiwiki or media wiki (of webopedia fame) to manage documents ...why I am required to submit docs in docbook xml format ....and check into cvs ....then built it .....,most wiki system have have built in work flow, revision mechanism, doc conversion to pdf and tons of other stuff etc ...........what is the requirement or need for such complexity ...


You dont have to convert into Docbook. If you have the content and find it hard to convert it to Docbook, someone else can do it for you. Having the source content in Docbook helps in keeping the content and presentation segregated. It also makes it easier to convert into HTML, PDF or other common formats

CVS revision mechanism is useful for the same reasons that its useful for any software project ie. to keep track of changes.


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