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Re: why o why

Quoting gaurav <gauravp hclcomnet co in>:

> Hi List,

Howdy.  I just recently joined the list, since I'm doing the web/docs
for the Fedora Legacy Project...

>             I was wondering why this documentation submition process is
> overly complex...

While I agree it is very complex, I also like it.  I think it will produce
commercial quality docs, if enough people participate.  I think that is
the goal of it.

> why don t we we use some wiki like tikiwiki or media
> wiki (of webopedia fame) to manage documents

The best use of the wiki is to create the initial docs, which can be
done with lots of colaboration and community input.  At that point, the
wiki doc can then be converted to DocBook, checked for accuracy and
so on, and submitted.  I think this would be the ultimate solution:
multiple people help create the doc, someone then distills that into
the proper format, the editors then verify it and make any corrections
needed, and it is published meeting all the standards.

> ...why I am required to
> submit docs in docbook xml format ....and check into cvs ....then built
> it .....,

I think that someone is required to do this, not neccessarily you.
You can always create a doc in some other way, and then find someone
else to convert it to docbook and put it in cvs.

> most wiki system have have built in work flow, revision
> mechanism, doc conversion to pdf and tons of other stuff etc
> ...........what is the requirement or need for such complexity ...

That I can't answer.  But, maybe I've suggested a way to work around
the requirments and still participate?

> Regards,
> Gaurav
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Eric Rostetter

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