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Re: why o why

Quoting gaurav <gauravp hclcomnet co in>:

> Hi List,
>             I was wondering why this documentation submition process is
> overly complex...why don t we we use some wiki like tikiwiki or media
> wiki (of webopedia fame) to manage documents ...why I am required to
> submit docs in docbook xml format ....and check into cvs ....then built
> it .....,most wiki system have have built in work flow, revision
> mechanism, doc conversion to pdf and tons of other stuff etc
> ...........what is the requirement or need for such complexity ...
> Regards,
> Gaurav

I think, just as an addendum, that these types of requirements are not
only why the Fedora Documentation Project will ultimately produce fine,
proffessional docs, but also why there is a need for other sites like
fedoranews.org for less formal documentation to live.

Having said that, and my previous posting, maybe it would be good to
discuss putting up a wiki for the FDP to use in creating docs, which
someone would then convert to DocBook for submission...  Just an idea,
I've no real stake in it either way.

Eric Rostetter

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