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Self Introduction: Rahul Sundaram


Sorry for the delay in getting this done....

Rahul Sundaram Pune, India Red Hat

Your goals in the Fedora Project

* Task oriented documentation in doing typical stuff on Fedora
* Desperate to see the Installation guide and other basic documentation completed before the release of FC4
* Do you want to edit for grammar/writing and/or technical accuracy? yes
* Some videos in ogg theora format might be a interesting thing to try inorder to target non technical users

Historical qualifications

* Linux documentation project (tldp.org) and small help in various other projects
* Not into programming currently but I consider myself to fairly knowledgeable in Linux
* An active volunteer in LDP, wrote the LDP FAQ and few other docs and been reviewing a good number of documents in the list and taking part in all kinds of discusions there

pub 1024D/1A24E6F3 2005-04-24 Rahul Sundaram (IRC nick: mether) <sundaram redhat com>
Key fingerprint = 829A 1929 4F62 97DD D393 2ED4 E5DF BD66 1A24 E6F3
sub 1024g/9BD8985F 2005-04-24 [expires: 2006-04-24]


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