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Re: Comments on Documentation Idea

Hi Thomas,

You don't need any approval from anyone - if it is something you are
excited about, just go ahead and do it! :-) If turns out to be valuable to
others, that will be self-evident when you publicize the results of your
writing to the Fedora community.

As far as continuing the project goes, I'm not sure how many people out
there would be willing to do the work besides yourself (it's not just
something you can drop on people's laps and expect them to keep
maintaining). But don't let that stop you from taking on the challenge and
seeing where things go - there's little downside :)

Good luck,
-- Elliot

On Wed, 27 Apr 2005, Thomas Jones wrote:

> What about a documentation suite entitled --- Fedora Security Series?
> Here's a brief vision statement.
> The purpose of the series is to provide a security-related orientation 
> of a great multitude of topics and how they relate to the Fedora 
> distribution and its role in a network infrastructure.
> For instance, the first couple topics that I would like to write would be:
> - Risk Assessment of a Fedora Core Installation Scheme
> - Risk Analysis of an Desktop Installation
> - Risk Analysis of an Server Installation
> - Policy Development in a Multiuser System
> - etc......
> As you can see, the topics are sequential in structure. Which alleviates 
> any issues due to end-user initiated problems.
> i.e. in order to develop a complete operating system risk analysis and 
> determine a control solution(s); you must first perform the risk 
> assessment to determine probable threat agents, and safeguards
> The intended audience would be Power-Users, and individuals with
> Information Technology experience. However, with a good content model it
> should be easily understood by the general user.
> This series should be authored by individuals with relevant security
> experience. They don't need to be CISSP certified; just have first hand
> knowledge of the topic.
> I am inclined to get the series started in the right direction; so I
> would like to write the first few topics for a good base. Then it's up
> to the community!
> These should all be included in a series of related themes.
> I can start the first topic as soon as the community accepts the idea. I 
> personally think this is great idea (of source I would!); but don't want 
> to work on this idea; if it undermines the ideas of other team members.

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