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[RFC] dumping the CED in favor of local variables

I'd like to recommend we dump the usage of CED files in favor of the
local variables designation.  The CED file is a pre-compiled DTD subset.


The only noticeable change that matters is that indenting is different
by two characters overall.  It's really no big thing to reindent entire
files, or sections of them to avoid <screen> blocks.

The CED files technically need to be recompiled with the introduction of
each new tag.  They are a hassle to load everytime you load the

The local variables will load the parent file in the buffer, which is
convenient, and does all this automatically when you open the file.

You put one of these at the bottom of each XML file:

<!-- Keep this comment at the end of the file
Local variables:
mode: xml
xml-parent-document:("parent-file.xml" "book" "chapter")

The small pain of converting our docs will be more than made up for in
the not-so-long run.

- Karsten
Karsten Wade, RHCE * Sr. Tech Writer * http://people.redhat.com/kwade/
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