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Re: Why are you lurking on the Documentation Project? (was Re: this is for you)

Am Samstag, den 20.08.2005, 11:39 -0400 schrieb Paul W. Frields:
> > I'm one of those guys who are lurking around and I have several
> > (smaller) pieces of documentation text in my desks drawer.
> Woo-hoo!  Fresh meat!
Yes, but no chick  (born in the 50th) :-)

> > As an example:
> > 
> > I just wrote a text (about 8 pages) to assist some of my staff members
> > to set up a samba server on FC 4. I consired to contribute it to the
> > fedora doku project. I found in Bugzilla 102668 that Aaron M. Epps is
> > working on that topic, but I couldn't find information about the details
> > of his work nor about the progress. I found nothing about it in CVS yet.
> > So I don't know how to proceed, and the text is going to vanish in the
> > desk drawer. 
> I haven't seen anything on that document either.  I hereby declare it
> dead and ask that you take up the banner.  Feel free to start fresh,
> because we have no raw material, AFAIK.

OK. I will go to the NewWriters page, follow the described steps and
open a new subject for the samba doku.

> Something like this?  :-)
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/NewWriters

Yes, but maybe I didn't understood it in it's full sense during my
initial reading. Maybe it is helpful to add a paragraph between "Signing
up" and "Writing you own Documentation"  with a title like "Introduce
your documentation idea and get your ticket" of something like that,
which describes the process using the mailing list. You may add a short
comment that this list is not as non-committal as a lot of other lists
is. It may be helpful to emphasize the purpose to coordinate the work
without spending to much work in the first step and to make sure nobody
duplicates another one's work (no waste of time).

> I think you're on the right track just by posting.  You're well on your
> way graduating from "lurker" to "documentation demiurge"!  :-)  Please
> keep the questions coming, since you are probably helping more people
> than you think.

Thanks for the kindly words.


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